Should I send him another text?

In general. Is it better to send a message to the guy/girl you've been talking to when they haven't messaged you lately? Or is it better to assume they don't want to talk and not message them?

I'm fairly certain the guy I've been talking to doesn't want to talk, but I still feel the need to message him. I sent him a text on Friday and he replied with "lol" and nothing else. So I assumed he didn't want to talk and so then I left it up to him to text me. But he hasn't messaged me since. So should I assume he is done with me, or should I send him another text?


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  • Don't play games or over-analyse.

    If you think it's gotten to the stage where you are always initiating, and to initiate more debases yourself, then just leave him be.

    If he's interested, he'll get in touch. If not, there's no point in forcing it. Base it on overall patterns of behavior though. Not just on one incident.


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  • send

  • Do you want to talk to him?

    If the answer is yes then send.

    If the answer is no do not send.

    • Sounds simple enough. lol

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    • You really think so? Every time I played hard to get it panned out. Every time I pursued more than I should of I got shot down. Playing it cool is always the smart move the way I see it. He responded with a lousy lol and that is nuttin. I would never respond to that and make the girl make the next move and if she did not then I would at least know she was not into me. If a girl is not into me and I wanted her I would want to know quickly so I can move on but that's just me.

    • Being openly flirtatious without worrying about the repercussions works for me. Sometimes they come around and sometimes they don't. If they don't it's no biggie.

      But then again, I'm male; the QA is female. I suppose it works differently for men than it does for women.

  • Wow you have only 2 smart people answering your question. The morons that say send another text messages are the ones that never get laid or always get walked on.

    • Riiiggghhhttt... because not talking to people is the PERFECT way to get laid.

      Isn't that right smart guy?

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    • :P you got problems bud. I said before you are right. You are correct. You are the best? You are da bomb. You are awesome. Blah blah blah? You can stop commenting any time you wish. I declare you king of gag. You won the internet!

    • I wasn't concerned with being right, but thanks.

      I was just trying to share some useful information with you :-)

  • NEVER send the next message. Make him do it and from now on YOU are in the drivers seat. Make him squirm and make him worry and make him "need" to message YOU.

    • I sense sarcasm. XD

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    • How do you know that the other Anon is a virgin?

    • The other person that commented on my question is the virgin clearly. Man boobs really? Take advice from that? :P

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  • I would go ahead and send it.

    The guy I was talking to wasn't really I could text him & we'd end up talking all day & he'd enjoy it...but he wasn't really big on initiating conversations.

  • Personally I would not send another text.

    The text on Friday would have been enough for me as an answer. If he wants to talk, nothing will stop him from texting you; it only takes 5 seconds of his time.

    • I frequently am very busy at or not at work and will miss texts entirely. It does not mean that I don't care about the person that is texting or that I do not want to talk to them. It frustrates me that people get upset about this, but I do understand why they do.

      Some people simply cannot respond to every text, especially if it happens to come in between a long set of business related texts between you employees or somebody higher up.

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    • QA- Since all you're looking for is an answer (why he lost interest in you), it again makes your situation different. So text him if you don't see potential for a relationship here.

      But if you are still interested, and want to test out how interested he is in you, and if he is worth it, don't text.

    • I kinda do want to text him just for an answer, but I don't know if I can do that without being annoying lol. Yeah it's pretty clear a relationship isn't gonna happen between us.