She has got to be out of my league, but the signs thus far say she digs me...advice?

So there is a drop-dead beautiful girl that I think is actually interested in me. We work for the same company, but we're at different locations. We've become quite acquainted with one another during a weekly training session over the past 5 weeks.

I found out her bachelor degree is in interior design and since I'm doing a historical renovation of my 93-year-old house, I asked her to check it out and give me some advice. She came over and it was a mutually pleasant experience.

During the training session 2 days later, I asked if she was going to the company picnic, which was the following day. She didn't RSVP, but I know the person putting it on so getting access wasn't a problem. Soon after the training session was over she texted me "this is my cell phone number if you need to get in touch with me ever."

To me that is a clear sign, right? I texted her back "thank! Will do". In hindsight I should have extended the same offer...anyways.

The next day she texted me asking if it was too late to go to the picnic. I asked if she wanted me to pick her up. At first she said yes on the phone, but then she texted me later (5hours before the picnic)saying she'd drive because she has to run errands.

Picnic time comes and we're getting into more personal questions (nothing intimate). But it seems like we had an enjoyable time.

I think I'm going to ask her out, but at the same time I feel so insecure because she is out of my league.


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  • You know, I thought the same thing about a guy -- "he's out of my league" -- because of his profession and rank. Because of our work set up, I considered it a professional conflict of interest and proceeded to ignore any attention he was giving me because I had it in mind that he was just being nice and not actually interested in me. WELL, one day he just got extremely upset and stopped speaking to me. No explanation, no preamble. He just handed me everything on the project we were working on and told me to work with someone else.

    Four years he'd been sitting on his feelings, and four years I'd cluelessly ignored the signs he was sending me. Did I miss out? Possibly. I'll never know because I didn't go down that path.

    Bottom line? Ask her out. There's know way of knowing if she's in or out of your league unless you try.


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  • Just because you think she's drop dead gorgeous it doesn't mean she does and that she thinks she's above you. For some people the idea of being out of my league has nothing to do with looks, its intelligence, genuine, caring, easy to talk to, fun to be around, basically someone that's lifts your mood. Persona can be a lot more intimidating than looks.


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  • Would not worry about the out-of-league business. Sometimes the drop dead gorgeous (DDG) girls don't get as many dates as you think because guys can get intimidated by their looks and don't ask them out. I asked out the most DDG in college after getting up the courage -- she said yes in a heartbeat.

  • Thankfully women rank us differently then we rank them.

    Some of the reasons I've heard women say for thinking a guy is out of their league just make us laugh.

    You decide if you like her. Let her decide if she likes you.

    • what are the reasons of the top of your head?

    • Well look at what the anon girl said 'profession and rank'. Seriously? I've heard girls say 'oh he was more senior then me' or 'he's smart' or 'he has an important position'. Women are so programmed to view status/power as pluses they think that men won't be interested in them when they have less. But of course ... men don't care.

  • let me guess, she is under 25 right?

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