What does this look mean?

This guy I'm attracted to who is not shy and I run into him everywhere in college does the following when he sees me enter a room (here's near the entrance so notices), elevator etc. I've noticed lately. Usually BUT not always.. when we make eye contact he'll look straight at me and have his mouth open (not jaw drop open) but you know when you smile and your mouth becomes wide he doesn't smile but his mouth opens like that showing all his teeth and his lips parted. Its very particular, like what the hell is that. he doesn't it every time and a few times stare like that.


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  • lmao poor guy.. maybe he has a tooth problem or bad smile. The good part is that he's looking at you, so smile next time

    • no he doesn't I've seen him smiling before and he has a good smile and great teeth (this I've seen him convo with another person) like his mouth is parted? lmao I dun get it.

    • some peoples teeth make it hard to close their mouth properly and other times people walk around with open mouths... just smile at him and see his reaction, ignore the teeth.

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