I feel like it's moving too fast.. But I like it?

I'm a 16 year old female and not really sure what to do. Me and a few of my friends get together a lot and do stuff like, taking off our shirts, kissing etc. But never anything past 2nd base. Well, yesterday we were all hanging out and one of my guy friends persuaded me to take off my shirt and bra and then we made out. I had previously felt VERY uncomfortable with the thought of taking off my top, (Since I have never done anything like that.) but once I did it.. I didn't mind. Then tonight, we hung out again, but this time just us. We were making out and took off our shirts. It was REALLY nice, but it very rapidly into a very erm, heated situation and I felt a little apprehensive but I liked it. It feels like this Friends with Benefits thing is moving a bit too fast for me, and I feel uncomfortable with some of the things he tried/did yet I liked it... A lot. What do I do? Say? I need some advice!


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    IMO, you're about to make a big mistake that you're really going to regret. Wanting sex is fine and normal, but HAVING it as a FWB instead of getting a boyfriend first is a bad idea, and the one most likely to suffer as a result is YOU.


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  • First off, if you are 16, what is going on with you and this guy could be against the law and could be a felony. Putting that aside for the moment, you have to tell him you are OK with sexy fun but NOT OK with it going any further right now. It may be too much too fast.


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  • you get together with multiple friends take your shirts off--like an orgy?