I think his mom is a hoarder? It's a bit of a turn off, but I shouldn't judge him on that, right?

I went to the guy I've been dating's house and there was junk everywhere and heaps of animals (cats, dogs, birds). His room seemed to be tidy and I think he was a bit embarrassed by how many animals his mom owns. But I wouldn't really want to stay at his place if we started a relationship... what do you guys think?


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  • Call the program "Horders-buried alive"; maybe you will all be on TV.

    • it's not that bad lol just has a lot of stuff in their house and lots of animals.

  • dont judge the dude its his mom not him, put yourself in his shoes thatd blow

    • yeah I won't he's really nice... I'm sure his mom is too... just has loads of things lol maybe she's lonely, she doesn't have a husband or anything.

    • It's not his fault, it's pretty messed up as is for him and he probably feels embarassed bringing you over..

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