I'm a heartbreaker. And I hate it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I had my heart broken many times before.

But why does it seem that everything I touch turn to sh*t?

Even if a girl breaks up with me..i have the ability to make her feel like if I was the one who broke up with her..

heck, I even make them think they are the one breaking up.

I really despite my self for being this way. I would never want to date me if I was a girl. Why do I hurt girls? I love them, but once they hurt my feelings it's like I give thousand times worse.

Please help. I don't met up with girls anymore because my ex almost hang her self and cried out for months. I had many girls crying for me. And it's like they never heal from me.

Even tho I have a rep of being a complete jerk..girls still want to date me and they end up hurt. How can I stop this?

I cried last time I saw my ex, because I knew I had hurt her...it made me cry.


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  • You must be a total pimp, which no one cares for because it's the internet and we can't prove sh*t.

    So how about this. Stop being a brainless animal, and letting your impulses control you.

    You're not a man, you're a boy. You're weak. Not because of your ability to attract females (if that's true or not, doesn't matter). But because you have no control over yourself.

    Stop thinking the answer to your inner turmoil is women, it's not. Spend some time alone for a year or so, observe yourself and find some measure of peace without anyone. Then enter a relationship again with a clear head.

    • you sound like one of them bitches who would love to date me.

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    • Well, let's see what happends.

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  • It sounds as if you're responding to just being hurt in the slightest as a sort of knee jerk reaction. I can understand it to be honest, that once you've been hurt you put your walls up so they're impenetrable

    I think that at some point you'll probably find someone who you are meant to be with, and this "lady killer" role will end because you might have a stronger relationship than the rest.

    Maybe you should just ignore girls for the time being if this is what's been happening because not only is it hurting you, but other people too


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  • check out the mental illness happy hour podcast... mentalpod.com it has opened my eyes to a lot of my own sh*t and my ex's sh*t. it really is a cathartic experience, to know there are other f***ed up people out there too dealing with the same or similar or worse sh*t.

    • I'll handle my own dirty laundry.

    • then why post? doesn't make any sense. figure yourself out. are you an attention whore or what? not tryin to judge you man, just tryin to figure you out

    • you are trying...wow...