Do you think I made a difference, in a good way, for her?

A girl was complaining about her back hurting. I told her that she could get a pillow that helps straighten out her back, which would help her feel better. I sorta kinda, not really like her I'm just attracted to her but I think she has a boyfriend. Do you think I may have made a difference in a good way for her?


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  • It's a kind gesture -- it was nice, but you shouldn't be only running to do things for girls you want to go to bed with. Do nice things because you're a thoughtful person, not because you think favors will get you in the pants of a girl you desire. That never works.

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      @answerer- thanks for at least answering the question. Out of three answers on here, you are the only one who decided to actually answer the question. Also, while I do care about others personal well being, I probably wouldn't have said the same thing to a girl I didn't find attractive, wouldn't want to lead them on, ya know?

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    • I know there are some mean women, but I disagree that most people are mean. If you go around doing things with hidden agendas, this might confuse your perception of the world, though. Nobody knows that you expect romance from suggesting a good pillow, for example.

    • Because she doesn't know that. She doesn't know what I'm doing elsewhere. Thus, MAYBE she thought it was flirting. I just wanted to know if maybe I made a difference!

  • If you think she has a boyfriend, why are you even asking this question? You make me sick! lol.


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