He says he loves me but doesn't know me?

I met a man through a travel blog/chat site. I am traveling abroad this year alone and thought it would be nice to meet some friends while there. He's a teacher and ten years younger than me so he's 33/34. He is very nice, we have talked some on web, usually texting, Facebook, etc.

We have made plans to meet up at some point during my stay to get to know each other, as I think originally his intentions were different than mine but I like him he's at least nice or what I know of him and if the rest proves just as nice even more. My question through our brief chatting he texts me and says "he loves me, I'm sure I love you, I know it's strange but I love you" ... blew me away never expected that . He always choose his words carefully . As far as I am concerned how could someone know something like that especially when we don't spend hours talking. Not sure what to think.


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  • Unless this is going to be one of those amazing 'miracles' (which do happen from time to time) when true love happens like in Nicholas Sparks novels... I do not believe one can love another just through talking on the internet. However, I wouldn't just cross him over. I would be careful though.

    I spend last year abroad in a country where they love blondes... and honestly, guys that met me only on parties (yes, we talked a little at the parties and kind of got to know each other, flirted and stuff but only for fun) were telling me they love me and stuff... but I wouldn't believe that.

    Did you respond to him? Did he write anything else after saying that?

    • We still talked after that but he never could talk ...no more than 5 minutes. Any woman would think that strange, I let it go only to see if things would change, it didn't. I don't know about other women but if you like a guy and he likes you he wants to talk to you ... he was on dating sites...need I say more...so I put it all out there, nicely so let's see.