Is she being playful?

She is a girl from a party that me and my friends threw on Friday, and she wanted to come over yesterday to chill. But I'm just wondering why she would sleep over, and smoke weed, and drink with her friend and my friends. Last night she gently threw my wallet at my face, and was giggling. We had good fun last night. In the morning she wore my socks and I was looking all over for them. I realized she was wearing them, but when I asked hey, can I get my socks back you're wearing them, she laughs and throws them for me to go and get them.

Is she being playful? :)

Oh I forgot her friend likes me, she really nice. She asked me if I could drive her to her house so I did and she really liked my car and how pristine it was.

When she left she also said. I had a really good time, I'll see you next time. ha ha :)

I liked hearing that.
We all slept on the same giant bed. No on went to any other bedrooms.
here are the links to the picture of the people.






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  • I'd say she likes you...


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