What's my boyfriend up to?

I walked in unexpectedly today an hour early and my boyfriend closed his computer down the second I walked in. I told him he didn't have to do that on account of me. He responded by saying he was playing Angry birds and that he'd rather hang with me. Then I leave the room for 2 minutes and he has angry birds on. Does that seem strange? Or make any sense at all? What do you think was really up?


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  • That sounds a little odd to me tbh.

    I don't know, but it sounds as if maybe he was looking at some sort of site that's expected of single lads with no friends who are girls. Let's be fair to the lad, if that is the case then a boy has his needs but to do it when he's aware you're in the house is also strange.

    It might have been something completely innocent. He could be buying you a secret present?

    Keep your mind completely open to what ever it could be cause something like this could cause problems in a normally stable relationship.

    You could confront him about it, but let him know he's entitled to his privacy if he really doesn't want to tell you. You can't force him into telling you, so just leave the option open to him.

    You might also be being a little over reactive. He might have actually been playing Angry Birds. It's a pretty addictive game to be fair so don't let the possibilities get to you :)

    Hope this helps


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  • He's a secret agent of an underground organization that's trying to throw the world into chaos and he was most likely chatting with his master on their devilish plans...

    Chill out, you'll stress yourself out over what basically seems like nothing...Now when you find him on a webcam jerking it with some other woman, NOW it's time to take action.


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