Why is this girl acting different towards me?

This girl at my church I met a while back at a church singles group. She host it, we just greeted each other said hi simple as that. At church I'd see her, she always seemed to ignore me avoid looking in my direction or saying hi or anything like that. I figured it was simply because I'm shy when first meeting people and can be socially awkward sometimes if I'm put on the spot. So she just avoided me, didn't really bother me, some of the other girls would greet me from the group I met and say hi and greet me, she just always seem to avoid me, I only was really introduced to 3 girls in that group, the host and two other girls that will always be polite and greet me and not seem to avoid me. Anyway all the girls are attractive not sure why they're still single. However recently the girl that always ignores me I caught staring at me just this last week at a church event. She was kind of smiling, I kind of acted like I didn't notice or care and got distracted my friends. Then when she walked by me and said hi for once and smiled but kind of looked down? Why would she act differently then normal? Go from ignoring me to noticing me. I did get a hair cut and new style but that's all I changed, which really wouldn't make sense.


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  • I don't know, girls are complicated. I can't even figure myself out. But my guess is she was too busy or something to notice you and now that she has, she likes what she sees. I doubt there's much more to it since you two haven't really gotten to know each other at all.

    • Well I figured there can't be much to it, it just confused me she went from ignoring me to noticing me. Month after month went by and it was like I didn't exist. This just recently happened when she started noticing me. She seems nice and sweet, she was never rude but maybe I come off as rude? I mean because of my shyness and she just realized I'm just shy. If you see me out in public with family or friends I'm comfortable with, I don't seem shy. But I am when meeting new people.

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