Do you think she's trying to get our relationship back on track?

Me and my ex of 2.5 broke up in the middle of June, summers just beginning. We hung out for a week straight then the following week one of friends comes home and bam she doesn't even take the time to text, call, or anything. I would always text her but she'll say she's busy, then I guess going 6 days without talking to her I just lost it and she broke up with me. after that break up I just went NC hoping it'll work went 3 weeks without talking, in the middle of that week I end up meeting a new female friend I thought was attractive, so we started talking. After 3 weeks of not talking to my ex she comes back around and I tell her I'm talking to someone she seem not to care she just said "i don't see us getting back together anyways" with those words said here comes another couple days of NC and my ex texted me out the blue and said "i had a dream about you" I replied and kept it short, then 2 days of NC again then she called me asking why did I take her out my life, I kept saying you ignored me first like you didn't care about me, and she just said you was all I thought about I didn't take you out my life I just took you out as my boyfriend. So I cut off the girl I thought was attractive cause I knew it was summer and it was just a summer fling. But lately my ex has been texting me non stop, yesterday she sent me a good morning text, she always tweet me on twitter nonstop, and we've been talking a lot more she smiles a lot through texts and she always says I love you. I really want her back I just felt the summer came and her good friend came back home and she wanted to spend time while she was here, I don't want to jump out and say we should get back together, Ladies how could somebody win you back, do you think she's trying to get our relationship back on track or what


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  • I believe she is definitely trying to get back together, but I might wait another month or so and see if anything changes and then decide


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