Is it OK for me to text him or should I just wait?

so this guy I've known for 3 years

we have dated before than we stopped than we kinda got back on it

but we talk a lot online but he has been gone for 4 weeks now

and honestly I miss him..and last Monday he got online when I was offline and wrote to me but only this "-_-" so I don't get it..

im afraid he has another chick or something.. and he's moving to my town to study in August..but I just want to talk to him

is it OK to text him or should I just wait :(


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  • I'd just text him. You guys might be able to get things back on track on how they once were!

    If he has another chick then at least you'll know sooner rather than later.

  • Yes, it's perfectly OK to text him.

    There's nothing to be worried about from a simple conversation.


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