Is he playing games?

I wish I could explain everything but to keep it short he has introduced me to his family and his friends. He kisses me, and he treats me well. He invites me to his get togethers and he's told me he like spending time with me. People ask both of us what we are and I was starting to get bothered by it so I asked him, he avoided the question rather by saying, "i ignore them because one question leads to another." He is in school and works once in a while. He is usually busy a lot. He used to text me more often and would send me goodnight texts and overtime it seems as the closer we got the less he did that. I have explained to him how I feel about him and he didn't talk to me for about two days after not bringing it up again. I really like him a lot. a lot of his family and friends all tell me he's never brought a girl around but lately we Haven't talked much. He has been hurt once by a girl way back when he was younger, he did tell me that.. He sings to me in his truck when he's dropping me off. He only kisses me like little pecks but when I try to kiss him more he seems uncomfortable. I can't seem to figure him out.


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  • Seems he's hesitant to give a label.


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