How is our generation still so narrow-minded?

Call me naive but I would have expected people to be more emotional matured and evolved by now. Just talking to even some of my friends they say things and I'm just like wow you really believe that?! And I mean sexist racist and even anti-gay. The sad part is rust they don't case if they're offensive. I'll admit I usually don't give a sh*t and say/do what I want but I make sure I don't try to hurt anyone. Though there are moments where my selfishness gets the best of me (which is why if there is a hell I know that I am dammed). But seriously, what is with the discriminatory nature of this generation. What happened to "it gets better"?

Religion, it has it's beauty yet there are so many pitfalls. As Gandhi said, " I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Allow me to rephrase the question... Why are people cruel to one another? Why is that the norm? It doesn't make sense.
New question within these many questions. Are any of you saddened by the way humanity is at times? If so, what restores your faith in mankind as a whole?


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  • Now you've rephrased it:

    It's human nature to pick out faults or even just differences in other people and then because of pack nature, there's an immediate dislike towards that person. Now, evolution has allowed us to grow the capability to overlook or just simply push aside those feelings of aggression and most people do, although there are always exceptions, moreso when pack mentality sets in.

    Just think back to the primal stage of human history, we lived in packs where everyone was the same or similar and anyone different was deemed an intruder and therefore a threat, hence the feeling of hostility. Such things are slowly loosening their grasp on us but will always be there.

    • Alright I suppose that's true. Still, it makes me wonder what really separates man from beast..

    • Opposable thumbs and a few thousand years of synaptic activity.

    • For each sad thing that happens there are just as many if not more redeeming acts from humanity.

      For instance, you don't hear about bill gates having given $28 billion to charity, you hear about some rapist or murderer. There's just as much good in the world as bad, it just gets less notice.

      (can only answer two times)

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  • Why is our generation so narrow minded? More often than nought, it stems from religion.

    Although, if you compare this generation to the last one or even that of 50 years ago there is a significant improvement. Just give it time, I suppose it seems worse than it is because people who are offended by anything and everything tend to get a lot of media traction- that goes for both sides.

  • Mickii, most of the slanderous labels you used, are said by those who aren't emotionally disciplined. "You don't date asian, you racist bitch!" that type of thing. That is judging a person for their preferences. Reality- everyone judges, and acting like a kid about it, is a normal reaction from those who believe they are 'more emotionally matured' than others. merely because they've been told a doctrine in which they hold very personal. It was only 2 years after the Bolshevik revolution started that Feminism arose in the US of A and ideas that everyone is "equal" in some aspect. If you don't discriminate, you have no opinion and can never have an opinion because that is a judgment. If you do not judge, then you won't mind having a poisonous snake on you or near you ready to strike at you. If you wish to ignore instinct-be my guest. We have it for a reason. It is what many refer to as 'common sense'. You think it is 'this generation' but that is built within our DNA and it has always been. To think it has only 'shown up' recently, is ignorance.

    • Having a preference and opinion is one thing, being a insensitive and derogatory is another. I understand everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, this includes me. I believe in the not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say.

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    • No one here is pretentious; unless you mean your false notion of equality and some how not being racist yourself and discriminating. It is human nature to think of ourselves as better than others in many ways, from friendly competition to political parties, beliefs, etc.. But if you knew what the word meant, you would not be using it incorrectly. No if you are done with your logical fallacies I would appreciate a mature discussion.

    • What is so hard about being fair? Please explain it to me. And if you write someone off solely because of their race, you are being racist. That's it, accept it, doesn't matter who you are or whom you've rejected. Do I turn people I find unattractive, down? Yes, but on an individual scale, for me to write off an entire group based on my experience with one individual, or some learned bias about that group, would be ridiculous.

  • You have to understand the evolution of people. You look around and you see bad things happening and you think 'This planet is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years old and we're still letting this happen!', but that's not the way it works. Examine a brief history of the planet...

    Animals all kill each other like crazy, they rape each other and they steal from each other. There is no class to Animals. Humans, then, when they first began to rise up from their ape-brain, too, had this nature. It was all they saw around them and it was all they had to go on. They killed each other freely, raped each other as a primary means of mating and stole from each other with no abandon... Eventually, they started getting hip to this thing, whatever it is. Clans, tribes, etc. developed. They had wars, they hated each other; hate developed, to replace animal greed. There was a *reason* to kill and rape and steal, then. It wasn't just chaos, there was order. Skip forward several thousand years, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc., there are societies forming, religions, magic, sciences. People are trying to explain their surroundings, people are trying to understand the world and each other, people are creating beautiful works of art.

    Skip forward several hundred years, Rome, Gothic tribes, Mesopotamia... Civilisation is in full swing, massive knowledge. Now we've developed moral systems. The Egyptians had their Ma'at, the Greeks had Plato, etc. People were thinking in terms of right and wrong. The Hebrew people put a lot of work into the Torah, which connected a holy unity between the ethical right and the universe. People began to stop stealing from each other all the time, rape and murder couldn't be done as part of the average day no matter who's tribe you were on. But, of course, the planet wasn't quite ready for that. Romans felt it was okay to rape Jews, Egyptians were free to beat their enslaved Hebrews, because these people were less than they were. That was fine. They were a *superior breed*.

    Middle Ages, this sensibility is in full swing. Lords lord it over Peasants, Barons over Lords, Kings of Barons, etc. Everyone had a subordinate who they were free to mess with, have killed, rape, etc.

    I don't have time to get into the Renaissance...

    But, fast forward to 1800s. If you're gay, you get killed. Transexuals flat out didn't exist. Black people are slaves and freely beaten and raped - like the Hebrews - if you're Chinese you get raped - like the Jews, etc. That viewpoint still permeates. 1920, this sense is coming that everyones groovy, more and more things are cool. Black and white kids f*** each other, girls wear little skirts, there's a Gay Community. 1960s, there are trannies, gay bars, jazz is big, soul is popular, funk is happening and everyone likes it. 70s,There's black people on television, shows FOR black people, black communities, there's Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. 80s, being gay is legal. 90s, transexuals begin to appear.


    • Some people don't like everybody. Some people think this or that is wrong. Racist murders get on the News, gay and transexual discrimination is pursued righteously by legal suits which the governments of the west *rule in favour* of.There's no censorship on books, minimal censorship on televisions. We've got the internet, there's multiculturalism developing, talk of the Global Village. Some people think what someones doing is wrong, there's a rapist here and there, a murderer here and there.

    • This is the best it's *ever been*. It's groovy as hell, this is the grooviest age that's been around. There hasn't been a decline, and there's still progress. Some people have ill-informed opinions, that doesn't confront me.

      In my country, the 90s heralded the end of the war between the Republicans and the Loyalists. There is *peace* in my country. I can go out and not get shot to death, I can go to a different side of town and not have my eyes pulled out of my sockets. I feel safe. There--

    • are a lot of cats who still think all catholics are smelly, or all protestants are gay, or whatever. Blah blah... I can't remember the last sectarian killing I've heard about, and if they exist they're spread out over the years. It used to be every day. I used to be in the most loyalist school in the entirety of Northern Ireland - and, most people weren't sectarian. That's *progress*. The world is getting hip, pal. Don't push 'em too fast. It ain't illegal yet...

  • Everyone's entitled to their own thoughts. Just because someone is anti-gay doesn't mean they aren't allowed to think that.

    How is it okay for people to rip on people who are intolerant while being intolerant to them?

    • You can have your opinions but they should be just that YOURS no one wants to be subjected to that

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    • Ah yes but if the opinion is just that and shouldn't be subjected to that, then they also shouldn't be subjected to anyone elses. It's simply a back and forth proposition that gets nowhere. Ideally people would just learn to live their own life and be concious of others differences and let them be.

      However the problem appears to be that more people now feel the need to use their differences as battle standards to hoist up as the righteous position and create argument rather than acceptance.

    • Basics of Marxism described in the end of your conversation. Everyone is out for their own groups rights, f*** everyone else. Gay rights Vs Church etc. It continues and will continue until someone breaks.

  • its not the norm, or at least I don't think its normal. I think its just part of human nature. we all want to be the best and to crush anything or anybody that gets in our way. something called greed, something well never be able to be rid of along with the whole spectrum of human emotion, besides happiness and contentment.

    • brave heroic acts among men, and kind gestures are what restore my faith in humanity.

  • You'd think every generation would keep getting better, learning from past generation's mistakes. And yet it will always be like this.


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  • We're always improving...50 years ago was leaps and bounds away from today and 50 years before that seemed primitive as well...all things get better with time.

  • Technology improves and gets better, people as a whole do not. In fact, our tech in many ways makes people worse.

    Hundreds of years ago, people dreamed the year 2000 would be one of enlightenment, where humanity would be one family, finally rid of divisions and destructive religion. Quite the opposite has happen.

    So no need to wonder why people aren't evolved beyond their animalistic urges for pleasure and survival. It will never happen. The whole Star Trek series claiming Earth to be a paradise at one point is Gene's delusional fantany while living in the luxury of his wife's wealthy estate. A person can be civil, people as a whole cannot. There is always something not right, with every race.

    • @update: I don't get sadden anymore, only sadden by events around my life and family. Nothing can restore my faith in humanity as a whole. An individual can rise above it all, but not people as a whole. That will never happen. People are too selfish and fearful in negative ways.