Advice... Early dating, busy/playing hard to get??

Original met this girl online , went out for drinks as a first meet. Took like a month to get her out on a second date.Seems like she has a very active lifestyle, we both work full time. Finally the second date (diner) went really well. Got a text about 30mins later thanking for the awesome diner and it was good fun.

Ive been on holidays last few weeks and its been extremely frustrating getting her out again. Various obstacles, but she does respond back. I'm thinking she is just extremely busy, I've only been asking her out once a week for the weekend. Any suggestions how to get her out again?


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  • If it was me; I would let her be for now maybe their is something effecting her lifestyle that she doesn't want you to know about and it seems as though she is playing hard to get...I don't know, just maybe a possibility.

  • a month is a very long time. I would be hesitant


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