Should I keep bothering with this girl?

I have known this girl for months. For some reason there was this strong animosity between us but we were able to work things out (finally) and we've been having a blast talking.

A few days ago we had a disagreement, I didn't want to make it a big deal so I just walked away. Today I was still a bit annoyed at her and didn't feel like talking to her (I just wanted time to cool down). She asked me what was wrong and I told her and decided to start with the animosity, again.

We do get along, we like talking to each other and joking and teasing. I don't want things to get bad again and neither does she, but she tells me she didn't like my attitude (so called attitude being just being quiet at her). Should I keep trying to make things better ir forget about it? She is so stubborn it just pisses me off.


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  • id say yes..take a risk, see what she says

    • Like I said, I tried talking to her again but she is extremely pissed because I was "ignoring" her. I had every right to be annoyed at her but I was only planning in keeping to myself for a few days. I don't know why she got like this. I told her that if we both want things to be great, why get mad about it? But she wants to keep the drama going

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  • It doesn't sound good already. Maybe its best to just stay away from each other for a bit or just stay as mutual friends with not too much interaction.

    • Thats what I tried to do but I don't know what her deal is. If I don't feel like talking to her ONE day, I don't know why she gets offended or which contract did I sign stating that I had to be "friendly" to her everyday. Honestly after today, I don't even want to be friends (we never were friends to begin with) so I don't know why she freaks out this badly.