How long should I wait before contacting him?

A guy I've been dating for about a month stood me up on Saturday night. I found out that he thought things were moving too fast and he got scared. He told me he's not ready to settle down and is seeing other people, but still wants to see me. I told him I'm okay with that, as I only want to get to know him more right now. Its been two days since that conversation, how long should I wait before contacting him? I'm still not sure if I will hear from him again, or if I should contact him to let him know I've moved on from getting stood up?


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  • I think a couple days to wait is good enough, I mean contacting to talk shouldn't be a big deal or something super serious, it's light and fun.

    It was still very rude of him to blow you off like that, the least he could have done was to let you know, so maybe his "too fast and scared" is just another cover up for his immaturity.

    • what happened was when it came closer to hang out, he told me he was out at an event and wasn't sure what time he would be back. I called him out on it, saying we had plans, and he asked if we could meet up after his event but I told him I didn't think so. After not hearing back, I texted him later that night to ask what had happened and that is when he told me everything and apologized

    • Gotcha. Then yeah, like I said I think it'd be just fine to contact him again.

    • Okay thanks! It just feels weird since we had been texting daily previous to this situatuion. I'll shoot him a text in the morning

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