Will he have waited for me?

There is a guy, who asked me out on around 4 or 5 dates in the last few months. I am in his friend group and have recently been on holiday with two of his best mates. They told me how much the guy likes me and although at first I had no feelings for him, now I do. He has been away at Ambassador's in Sport in America :) (im from the UK) for just over 6 weeks now though. I have spoken to him a bit, with him emailing me nearly every day. However, all he talks about is how much he doesn't want to leave and so I'm worried that he does not like me anymore. Also I'm worried that the only reason I have feelings for him is because I didn't have easy access to see him anymore. HELP, what are your thoughts?


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  • It's kind of a difficult situation. You don't want to let your feelings be for nothing, but also it isn't quite fair to expect him to wait around, especially if he's planning to stay in America.

    I'd say keep talking with him, but don't have high expectations of making it work, although if he does get back definitely go for it!


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  • Meet up with him for a coffee when he gets back so he can tell you about his time in America!

    You can tell by the vibe then what you feel for him and see about his reaction.

    Him emailing you every day DOES seem to me like he still likes you, though. :)

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