Is it possible after only two months?

OK, I'm just wondering your thoughts on this. Is it possible that you can truly love someone who you've known less than two months? I met my boyfriend two days before we started dating, and he told me he loved me... I believe him... But I'm not sure if its too early to know for sure, or if love at first sight is the real deal...


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  • its not something you can know or prove. its a feeling, there's no irrefutable evidence.. you just feel it and go with it & see what happens, are you dont.

    love is a subjective thing. its up to you to decide when you feel it. no oner else can tell you if you are in love.

    i think the closest thing I've felt to immediately being in love, is immediately feeling connected, & being able to see myself falling in love with him.

    alot of times people feel a deep connection, & get to know someone later say it was love at fist sight.

    other people think they dud fall in love at first interaction.

    i think you can feel a type of love at first experience.. its a very strong feeling, that if you continue to nurture, turns into love,

    i think you can meet someone and think. I will love this person, or this is someone I can fall in love with, or you know uh oh, I'm in trouble'

    i don't think he's lying that that's how he feels. and time will tell if his feelings are serious and durable, or flippant, or capricious.

    but, no reason to not just enjoy each other fir now, see where things go. you don't have to define a feeling, or even understand at at order to feel it.

    dont worry about if the feelings are real or imagined. feelings are feelings, you feel them.. just keep your head about you, & don't do anything dumb ;-)


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  • Yes, it may be possible. Not likely though.

  • Not only is that not possible, I'd say it's equally impossible for you to love anyone when you're under 18.

    Hopefully, you'll know better when you're older.

    • so you believe age inhibits your ability to feel a certain emotion such as love?

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    • anon, you are the one saying feelings of love, are only a condition, not a true emotion, below a certain age. (as tho feelings are fake)

      her response about sadness mistaken for depression at an early age, was perfectly reasonable.

      if you respect your position, you wouldn't get intimidated by some1 expressing theirs.

      someone opens up a discussion, & when you don't agree, you tell them to f*** off.

      Odd, you say you don't like wasting time, talking with children, but don't mind acting like one yourself

    • Tbh I disagree.

      It may not last - only time will tell. But the love people feel fast and the love people feel when they are young can be very, very real. I think young love often doesn't last because their lives are too unsettled to allow it.

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