Does this sound like it is going well?

I am recently dating someone. The first time I slept with him I was a little worried and then casually asked if this was just a one night stand to him and he said no. What do you think that means?

We have been seeing each other since and he is in regular contact with me always initiating texts and has made a couple of phone calls for the past month we have been going out trying to get to know me.

Get called beautiful as well.

One time he even met me for Lunch on my break when he was in the area.

Just hope it is all not an act because I really do like him.


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  • He texts? Makes contact? Ok, sick once, but you ask is it a one night stand, he said no, going out and talking to you...what more do you need...

    Sounds like he is into you, so see what happens. Sounds good to motto, go with the flow

    • Yep. That is my plan. To go with the flow and enjoy it. A bit worried cause he has not sent a text in two days. He is probably just busy with the move. Will just have to keep myself busy in the mean time and hopefully things get back on track next week.

    • Moving a pain. Give him a couple of days, and text, see if he wants to eat, take something, whatever. As part of the flow...after all you are beautiful :) just don't worry to much...

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  • Things are going splendid, enjoy it!

    • Thanks. Have my fIngers crossed it works out.

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  • It sounds like this is going lovely!

    Why do you doubt it is? Are you being insecure or do you get strange vibes?

    • Being a little insecure I guess. It's hard to tell if a guy is being genuine these days. He cancelled a date as well. But he has been sick. Although he was moaning about it a day before hand saying he needs my cuddles and kisses to make him feel better. LoL. He thought he was going to be fine the next day but he was not.

      Just have had a guy do that to me in the past three times and not hear from him after. A bit nervous but have always been positive with him and keen to see how it goes.

    • He did not say he was sick though. Other reasons. But other then our last date being cancelled due to him having the flu everything else is fine he was mentioning catching up again once he was better agreeing with me that he would like to as well..

      He also said he did not want to give it to me and when I did message him for the first time since we started going out. Almost a month into it. He said that my message did cheer him up.

    • Stay positive! To me this sounds like it's going swimmingly. Enjoy the good time!