Shall I text her Happy Birthday?

OK I won't go into the full story but I am no longer on speaking terms with my good female friend after I overreacted and dropped our friendship a month ago (because I felt she was being distant and not making much of an effort from our argument before this). I have tried apologizing via message (she will not answer my calls) and she has chosen to ignore my communication. I can only presume she is either very hurt or doesn't care about me. Anyway, it is her birthday next week, shall I text her Happy Birthday? On one had I want to back off completely as I have tried to resolve and understand our friendship is currently broken. But on the other hand I do miss her and I want her to know I am not a bad guy and do still think of her.


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  • Yes, text her to wish a happy birthday but since you'd already done the apologizings and reached out to her to amend the mistake behaviors, there's nothing much for you to do. Accept it that it's over, move on, give her space. If I were you, I would bother her anymore of her time (aside the wishing her birthday). Hope it helps.

    • Thanks. I am currently accepting that she no longer wants to know me but at least she will see I'm not a horrible person if I text her Happy Birthday. I was always a nice guy to her so it just hurts that after a couple of bad overreactions by me (again I thought she was being distant) and a lot of apologising on my part she forgets all my good points. I won't expect anything from sending her a burthday text. Thank you again.

    • you had done what you needed to do; Don't apolizing to her anymore. A simply birthday wish is good enough, and just leave it a that. She's a big girl, she'll know what to do if she wants you to be in her life...

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  • Im about to have the same problem, I've been her shoulder to cry on for the past year, its been a hard one for her. Now she's back with an ex.and its almist like I do not exist amymore until she gets in a fight with him and dudfenly she needs me again. I'm growing tired of this but I to don't want her to think of me as another jerk guy. But for my piece of mind I must walk away, such is life.

    • I see you feel like she is using you. It's a tough one but if she acts like you do not exist when she is with her boyfriend, it makes you feel like crap. So she isn't exactly considering your feelings. Do speak to her about this issue and if it still continues you then you have every right to back off. Whatever you do, it is very clear to everyone you are NOT a bad guy.