What do it mean when a guy say I'm his girl?

We are friends with benefits very close have feelings for each other he have girls on the side he tell me I'm beautiful one of a kind care about me a lot. He don't like nobody messing with his girls. (jealousy)when he was holding me he told me he like holding me I said why he said "cause it make me feel better and you my girl"like what do he mean by that do he own me or something he also wanted to hear me say I love him


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  • if you and other girls are just his FWB what should he be jealous ? if he can flirt and make passes at other girls so why can't you ? why can't his girls ? better don't make him your real date. cause he must tell anyone else that another girl is his girl too when he is with her not with you.

  • It means you're his girl, the girl who he's with, the female currently seeing him.


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