Please explain this to me....

So I got my friends and hung out with some girls, and I hung out with this girl 2 days in a row and I just met her and she was all over me to begin with but I didn't want to do anything with her at the time because I just met her and didn't no anything about her.

so the second day I hung out with her her and her friends got all drunk and I didn't so I tried to avoid her so I didn't mess something up since she was drunk and she just followed me everywhere

so then she said if her and my friend hook up then we have to and I really didn't want to since she was drunk and for some reason all over the other girls I talk to she means a lot to me and I actually care for this girl even though I just met her..

so I finally gave in and made out with her for a little bit and finally had to stop because I knew she was drunk and I didn't want her to think I was taking advantage of her and I said the same thing to her and she said you probably are and I said I'm not and I don't want you to think that.. so she just got up and went and hung out with her friend and kind of avoided me the rest of the night...

so I've tried to text her and she doesn't even reply so what's going on..?

please help!


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  • Youre not taking advantage of her.

    Drunk people have to be liable for their actions to.

    Obviously, she is fully aware of what she is doing and wants you to go further.

    She seems to like being in that state of mind, since its something she does every so often (and doesn't plan on stopping).

    Shes obviously not used to a guy respecting her.

    I mean, why should they?

    When they have to do pretty much nothing to get to a different base with her.

    Tell her that you aren't that type of guy, and you respect her so you will not make

    out with her while she is drunk (for the reason you stated).

    • Thanks for your reply.. So since she won't respond to my texts how would I get her attention for her to understand or something.. I know exactly what to say if I had the opportunity.. and don't want to send her like 2 texts without her replying because I don't want to annoy her or whatever..

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    • yea I haven't really reached out to her that much last night I just asked if she was alright because I heard cops came and that was it and she talked a little bit then just not throughout the day.. but that's so true its not easy to just leave things how they are though but your totally right thanks so much!

    • Np glad I could help. Ty for ba

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  • She's drunk ... probably not even paying attention to what she' s doing. Try talking to her when she's sober.

    • When I first met her she wasn't drunk and she still acted like she wanted to hook up.. and all my friends are friends with her and said that she really wanted to hook up while she was sober.. I've tried texting her and she won't reply...

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    • im fine with not being in a relationship with her I'm not fine being able to not talk to her and be able to hang with her..

    • She sounds like a total flake .. some people are just unpredictable and trying to understand them just makes you crazy.

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