What should my next move be? (need lots of opinons)

So I really like this guy, and I have for like 2 years..but my friend told some other guys and they told him. Now, at the time I didn't know that he knew I liked him..so in the hallways he kinda got a little red and we did like this weird flirt look then look away type of thing, and he used to stare at me. alot. but then I found out that he knew that I liked him, and I freaked out like I completely denied it and said that I never would. so I thought things were fine. but then I saw him this one day and he seemed like..almost mad to see me...so I got worried and texted my friend and she said that she heard some rumors going around about me being obsessed with him and stuff..so then I had her tell him that its not true, but he said the only thing he heard was that I liked him so she just told him it wasn't true..then three days later I saw him, and we looked at each other a couple times but never talked. I want to go out with him, but I have no idea what he's thinking..like if he thinks I'm cool, weird, or just doesn't care. He used to just come up and talk to me, and I think he might like me or my friend (he talks to her, but apparently they're "just friends")and he talks to my dad a lot.

also: I work with one of his best firends and when he saw me he started laughing (I might have imagined it but I'm pretty sure I did) and me and the guy I like have a history, like our families are friends and I remember a time when he was at my house and we just sat there and talked for a while and he told me a bunch of stuff about him..and then I said "jeez you sure do break a lot of stuff" (smooth, right? :)) and then he kind of got a look on his face and tried to tell me about this other guy who broke a bunch of stuff...but what hurts about that is last night we were together but instead of sitting with him playing video games like I was that one night, I was no where near him..and I feel like he used to like me, and I feel like we were just so close! but then other people had to get involved and..ugh.. oh! one last thing: last summer I was going with another boy to get fireworks and we were kinda flirting like on our way back to the park we were running after a ball and he kicked it from me but then he gave it to me, and I looked up and the guy I liked was looking at us..idk can you maybe just tell me what to think about him/us? and what should I do? try to get him or what? Thanks so much in advance! :))


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  • Doesn't hurt to just talk with him, see where he stands. You should definitely give it a shot, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take!

    • aw. thanks, that really helps! but I see him all the time and I get too scared to talk to him, like I don't know what to say, and what if he hates me? like because of all the stupid stuff like how I told his friend that I never liked him and then told someone else that I do and stuff..sometimes I catch him staring so I think he likes me, and then sometimes I think he hates me because he ignores me and acts super rude. . :) I just don't know how to talk to him..

    • I bet most of the things are just in your head. He's just a normal human being, don't feel scared or worried, communication will help you out.

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