On average, how many partners do you think guys and girls go through?

On average, how many partners do you think guys and girls go through? Include serious relationships, flings, one night stands, etc.

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  • I'd say 1-5 average. 5-10 possibly.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Subtracting guys ego and sense of pushing beyond the truth, about 3. For women who are more sensitive and stable mentally, about 5.

  • I've read that in today's world, it's usually #6 that winds up being the right one.

    In one of my works, the heroine is upset that it's guy #6 that's right for her. She was hoping she'd never have to cycle through more than 2 in order to find true love. Her one sister cycles through 7 before landing the right spot, and the other, less mentally stable, cycles through 17.

    One supporting character was kidnapped by terrorists, and gang-raped. Not counting that, she was only with 1 guy the entire time. Most of my written characters outside of that seldom go beyond 2 before landing lucky for life. With my own siblings, the general trend has been 1-3 tops.

    Only a handful of fringes go into legendary numbers, such as 34. Anyone having that much sex, you gotta wonder about them.

  • Guys: 1-5

    Girls: 5-10


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not the expert on this, but I'd guess 10 or less on average.

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