How does it feel being in a relationship with the class nerd, or someone with higher academic achievements?

well, the question says it all lol! I'm in a serious relationship with the guy who's been topping our pre-med classes for a year now. my experience is incredible...sometimes I'm a little embarassed when grades are posted, but he's been tutoring me to boost my grades. sometimes we argue about the silliest of things...just because. but most of the time, he's really sweet, caring and considerate and I can't have asked for a better boyfriend.

ive noticed, however, that whenever the topic of death and afterlife comes up, we always have heated discussions that have no official conclusions.

soo...what's it like for others who date very intelligent people? do you also feel a little insecure about your level of academics compared to theirs? what are the things you mostly disagree on?


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  • It can be rough, since you're constantly worrying about things.

  • It can be either a very intellectually stimulating experience or a miserably detrimental experience. In my case, it's an extremely stimulating experience. I'm a second semester junior majoring in psychology getting ready to apply to doctoral programs in clinical psychology and my girlfriend is a nursing major. We each grow intellectually just by being in each others' presence

    However, some people can develop messiah complexes and make the experiences miserable. A relationship is what you make of it.


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