What do you think about this dating world of ours?

My dream, is to fall in love, get married and have insane

amount of babies with someone. However, I wonder if it's

even worth it, to try and achieve that dream of mine. With

all the pressure and scrutiny you're put under in dating and

relationships, as I said I wonder if it's even worth it. Here's

somethings about relationships, that I don't gasp!

1) Looks are of the most importantence! I understand that being

phsyically attracted to someone, gets you in the door. But, it's

not what should keep you there, if it is, you have no idea what

relationships are really about. Just my opinion.

2) Sex and lot's of it! I'm an old school virgin, saving herself for

marriage, so maybe that's why this is hard for me to comprehend.

But, why people thinking having sex first and then getting to know

each other is a good idea, I'm not sure. The whole point of dating,

is to get to know each other and see if you're compatiable and

meant to be together, so why complicate it with meanless sex?!

3) Great Body and Smooth as a Babies Butt (aka hairless)! I just

am so fed up with abs and people shaving every part of there body, that all I can say is. IT'S STUPID, KNOCK IT OFF!

4) Perfection! People, especially on here have very unrealistic veiws of what real true unconditional love is about, because if

it's unconditional, that means your love never wavers no matter

what and you can get though anything the world throws your way

if you have each other to count on. I know what I want in a

man inside out, especially inside. Because that's where the

good stuff is, like his heart, mind,soul, spirit and all the things

that make me undeniable him and that's what I'm really after!

I don't want some guy who's just eye candy to me and me to

him. I want a partner, an equal, a true love, a soulmate, my

much better half, someone to go though this tospy tervery world

with and know that will be by each other sides til the very end!

And, that's just a taste of how deep I dig when I think about love,

can you say the same?

5) This is an FYI, Sex is not a quailty, so please quit listing it

as one. It's an act between two people, not a quality. Capish?

Well, now I'll take this question to the people, so people are

dating standards to high, yes or no? What's your take? Thank

you! : ) And remember these are my opinions and do not

reflect the veiws and claims of others, okay!?


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  • I would never go near a fake girl- especially one that's more silicon than woman. I come from the old school. Find a nice, smart girl, always pay, don't rush things and make sex a health part of the relationship but not 'the relationship.'

    Chemical connection is important but if your a bitch, goodbye. I don't care how big your boobs are. Fortunately, I found an upstanding girl with good looks. There are plenty of exceptions to the rule out there- they're just harder to spot becaus they're not the ones everybody's gawking at because he has four girls kissing his abs.


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  • From what I've seen...there's A LOT of inflated expectations, a sense of self-entitlement, and SELFISHNESS in the dating world today.

    People don't want to hear this...but people think more about what they can GET, more than what they can TOLERATE and GIVE to the other person.

    I see it on this site all the time; there's very little selflessness in the dating world nowadays.

  • I agree with you on a lot of what you said.

    For me, I think dating standards are too low. People aren't getting themselves out there enough and taking the time to find the right person. Most relationships are built on nothing more than convenience. Also I don't know who decided that bars and clubs should be the primary places to meet members of the opposite gender.. I think that's pretty lame and doesn't really help anyone get off on the right foot in the dating world.

    I hope you find what you're looking for though... heck I hope you find better than what you're looking for! :-)

    • Awww, thanks that's very sweet of you to say! : ) I hope you're right and I find what I'm looking for, however at this point optimisum is a fading thing. : (

      Anyway, I agree with you, on the fact that bars and clubs are not a good place to meet people. It's

      kinda the equalant of going to the playboy mansion, to meet your one true love. You could try, but you'll probably just find her in the heart shape bed, with mr. hefner lol. Maybe, that was a bad example, but you get my point?!

    • Yeah absolutely I get your point. Don't waste all that love though just because you're not using it at the moment :-) There's a whole world out there filled with lots of potential that you could be directing that energy toward!

  • I wouldn't say they are high but they are unconventional; meaning that they do not apply to what the world is these days. I agree with you though, we live in a very materialistic and society, where what is most important is your status, who are you with, how you look etc etc.

    However you can thank Feminism for all of your pains. Sexual Liberation in the 70's with the introduccion of the pill, was one of the main reasons og why we live in such a promiscuous society. Also somehow women have this really weird way of thinking when it comes to sex. For instance I have noticed that most women wouldn't have cassual sex with any guy UNLESS he was good looking...yeah sorry you are f***ed if you are ugly or average...this is another reason why most people are so superficial, they want to have a quick one and that is it.

  • the dating world is f***ed. this is in my opinion a list form description of the average woman out there and I'm sure then men are no better.

    maladjusted priorities

    unrealistic expectations



    moral bankruptcy

    selfish to an extreme

    ZERO personal accountability



    self deceiving

  • They're high and I strive to meet them.

    • Why? Don't you just want to be yourself, instead of somebody else to get who you want? Just curious.

    • The thing is that I don't need someone else to be happy. It's just an added bonus. Me striving to be the most well rounded person I can is for me. And the bonus gets bigger the better I become.

    • Well, that's a horse of a different color, now isn't it? Good for you! : ) I totally respect people,

      who do things for themselves and not to please others. So, again, good for you and I hope

      you get that added bonus, that you'd like! : )

  • Yes, very much agreed. Dating seems to be so messed up, sometimes it makes me wonder if it's worth it too.


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  • Haha. I agree with some of your points. I liked reading your question.

    I think that dating needs not be complicated. You've gotta feel sure about yourself and the person you're with. You build on the relationship and you work on it. Getting along, accepting flaws, compromise. Independence is good though. You've got to have things going on for you in your life. You should both have similar goals and wants with each other. :)

    I don't care much for what society has to say about dating. It seems superficial.

  • I have very much respect for you. So few have such foundation and good moral standards. You're right, the physical aspect is such a priority in a relationship when really it's the emotional part that counts. The media has put such incredible pressure on girls to be perfectly perfect looking when there is no such thing!

    • Thank you, for what you said, that's very sweet and I apprciate the respect. : ) And, I agree with you too, the media does put a lot of pressure on girls, so true.

    • it's true then when guys or girls don't get someone they wanted in the relationship or if the relationship isn't a fairytale as they see in the movies they become devestated,...they're all brainwashed by this corrupted media society, they need a slap of reality

  • Here's one thing I can tell you about the dating world that I've figured out from the past two years. It's full of needles ready to pop your dream. Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel lol.

    • Ditto, I feel the same way!

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    • Thanks and I hope your right. And, I have two cousins ( a guy) and (a girl), who are both single

      parents as well. So, I have respect for you too and not all guys are jerks, so don't throw in the

      towel. You'll find someone, good luck to you! : )

    • Thank you. I was married when I had my son but things took a sour note. But I've noticed through my friends and family when they stopped looking and went about their lives, they happened to come across someone that was perfect for them. And that's what I'm doing, I'm focusing on me and my son. And if that special someone happens to come along one day then great! But I'm no longe making it a priority.

  • Whoo! FINALLY!.. Someone who thinks the way I do :D

    • Not to be weird, but are you being serious or sarcastic? It's hard to tell via the internet, you know?

      But, if you really do feel the way I do, that's very nice to hear. : )

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    • haha yeah :) but just knowing that someone else thinks like me is so awesome!

    • Yes it is! : )

  • I have to say I agree with pretty much everything you say,..probably because we share the same goals and views. To answer your question I do believe the dating standards of today's society are set very high and it's quite unrealistic. I agree that determining whether if it's even worth dating or achieving your dream must be difficult because your an "old fashioned virgin" and today's world has definitely changed it's views on that as well but that shouldn't impede you from making your dream into reality. I'm sure you WILL find a guy that's gonna want to settle down and make that dream come true along with you :)

    • Thank you and I hope you're right, but if what I read here is true, I'm not exactly what guys

      want, you know? But, it's nice to know that other people feel the way I do, even if they didn't

      I still feel this way, but it's ncie to know I'm completely alone in my thoughts and veiws.

    • May I ask why your keeping your v-card

    • Because, 1) I'm Catholic, so it's a religous and moral thing. 2) It's a personal choice and one

      that I feel is best for me. And 3) I have two cousins that have children out of wed lock and the

      people they had the children with aren't in the picture. So, I don't really want to tempt fate, you know? Plus, I believe in love and I could never be with someone I wasn't in love with and that

      I knew wasn't in love with me, it just wouldn't feel right to me!

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