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What do you think about this dating world of ours?

My dream, is to fall in love, get married and have insane

amount of babies with someone. However, I wonder if it's

even worth it, to try and achieve that dream of mine. With

all the pressure and scrutiny you're put under in dating and

relationships, as I said I wonder if it's even worth it. Here's

somethings about relationships, that I don't gasp!

1) Looks are of the most importantence! I understand that being

phsyically attracted to someone, gets you in the door. But, it's

not what should keep you there, if it is, you have no idea what

relationships are really about. Just my opinion.

2) Sex and lot's of it! I'm an old school virgin, saving herself for

marriage, so maybe that's why this is hard for me to comprehend.

But, why people thinking having sex first and then getting to know

each other is a good idea, I'm not sure. The whole point of dating,

is to get to know each other and see if you're compatiable and

meant to be together, so why complicate it with meanless sex?!

3) Great Body and Smooth as a Babies Butt (aka hairless)! I just

am so fed up with abs and people shaving every part of there body, that all I can say is. IT'S STUPID, KNOCK IT OFF!

4) Perfection! People, especially on here have very unrealistic veiws of what real true unconditional love is about, because if

it's unconditional, that means your love never wavers no matter

what and you can get though anything the world throws your way

if you have each other to count on. I know what I want in a

man inside out, especially inside. Because that's where the

good stuff is, like his heart, mind,soul, spirit and all the things

that make me undeniable him and that's what I'm really after!

I don't want some guy who's just eye candy to me and me to

him. I want a partner, an equal, a true love, a soulmate, my

much better half, someone to go though this tospy tervery world

with and know that will be by each other sides til the very end!

And, that's just a taste of how deep I dig when I think about love,

can you say the same?

5) This is an FYI, Sex is not a quailty, so please quit listing it

as one. It's an act between two people, not a quality. Capish?

Well, now I'll take this question to the people, so people are

dating standards to high, yes or no? What's your take? Thank

you! : ) And remember these are my opinions and do not

reflect the veiws and claims of others, okay!?
What do you think about this dating world of ours?
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