Why does he stop texting?

We talk and flirt and we have a good time. We know each other well. He'll ask me what I'm doing, and as I respond, I also ask what's going on in his life. I'd say approx. half of the time he answers me and half of the time he doesn't. And then he'll talk to me in a few days about something totally unrelated. Why?


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  • He's either playing mind games or he is bored when he texts you but then stops because something interesting came up. This has happened to me before but I kick 'em to the curb. It's not only when they want to.


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  • He's just busy with other things.

    • Once in a while, sure. But this happens fairly often.

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  • because a guy can't be texting all the time. he does other things besides look down at his phone and reply to texts.

    • But to completely ignore one for days and then say something ELSE is unreasonable. I'm not asking him to pay attention only to me, so please don't act like I am.

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