We have not contacted each other for two and a half weeks?

There is this guy I am kind of interested in/dating

and we've known each other Since February/March(met online)

we met months after and shortly after we met, he had to go out to sea for work for two weeks (I knew about it) and it fell in between my birthday as well but we stayed in contact and the morning of my birthday he sent me a nice birthday email which I thought was thoughtful and he mentioned going out as soon as he got back (the next day) so I let him know to text me when he gets back.

then nothing. I heard nothing from him until today. I thought for some reason he didn't like me anymore. So it's been 2 1/2 weeks I finally texted him asking him if he didn't want to talk to me anymore or what was up... and he responded so confused! he told me he sent me a text when he got back and I never responded so after a while he THOUGHT I was doing what I thought he was doing to me! He thought I wasn't interested anymore and didn't want to seem clingy and be pushy with texts and calls.

So he said sorry, I said sorry, but I feel kind of weird about it. I'm so happy I'm speaking to him again, but it's been close to three weeks. I started talking/dating other guys (no sex or touching at all just getting to know) trying to move on and now all the feelings come up again for this guy.

What should I do?


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  • Take things slow. You can restart talking to him if you'd like, but maybe it's better if you just moved on.

    • Why do you think it's better if I move on? just curious

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  • Follow your heart, I'd say.

    Meet up for a coffee or hanging out together and see what's gonna happen. And don't worry about the no-contact-thingy anymore, it's done. :)