Is My Friend's Boyfriend Hiding Her?

I have this friend who's been dating this guy for a couple months now and she is always talking about how in love she is with him I wanted to know who this great guy my friend was dating, but when she showed me his twitter and instagram accounts only our friends were following him no one from his circle everything was super private and had to request to follow him. His main pic is only his body, it's faceless. She also said he doesn't have a Facebook page he erased it, which is not unusual but not too common either. I'm just looking out for her she's my girl and the last thing I want is some jerk playing games with her, I asked how long ago was his last girlfriend she said he was dealing with someone a little before my friend, but decided to breakup. To me all of it seems kinda shady. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it what are your thoughts about it?

I'm really looking out for her especially since she just turned 20 and has only been in one relationship and he is 29.


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  • Not everyone wants to put all their information on the internet.

    • very true and I agree. I just feel it seems kinda shady since none of his friends or family are following him like these accounts were only made for her

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    • I tried but only found an old dating account which I think is old he looks a bit younger and the age is two years ago from his age now. I tried google-ing my friends to see if they all show up some did and lot didn't. I don't know I'm leaving it alone I just have this bad feeling and pray he's legit

    • If you couldn't find other profiles for him, that probably means he isn't hiding any from her. At least nothing with his real name.

  • I'd have to agree, some people really crave their privacy.


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