Is it possible to make a man settle down, if he is not ready?

Under the circumstances as follows. 1. He owns his own business and feels he doesn't have time for a relationship until his business is established enough that he can slow down. 2. He is prepared to give up a relationship and the women he loves for cause 1.

If he really loved the women would he give her up - wouldn't he somehow find time for her?

Even he really loved the women would he give her up to achieve the vision of his business?


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  • A guy could have a lot on his mind and if he has a girlfriend and ditches her, one of the reasons is that he doesn't love her enough to make it work. I'm not accusing nor do I think it's bad. You just have to know your priorities. His priorities seem to be his carreer and to be successful, which is good for him. But if he finds a girl he really loves and feels strongly about, feels like he could have a future with her, he's not gonna dump her because of his business. He might end up doing that but not without a fight.

    So if this guy really loves you, he would try. If he doesn't see a future for the two of you, then he'll choose his carreer and the relationship could end.

    It's not about feeling ready for a relationship, it's about finding the right person you could have a serious relationship with. But that's just my opinion.

    I'm in university now and I'm really busy with my school, friends, my own life. I don't have a boyfriend and frankly, I say I don't have time for it. But if I would meet a guy that's so awesome and has me head over heels, I'd make time for him, I'd try to make it work. I think that's the same with men.


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  • it would be in his best interest. Why would you be so selfish to crush his dreams?

    • ? The only thing I've done is develop feelings for him - I have not asked him to put me first, nor is it my fault he doesn't have time for me.

    • You seem to plan for this.

  • You can't force someone who just isn't ready.

  • A guy can really love a woman, and STILL not make her the number one priority in his life.

    • why is that?

    • Because finding a woman to love isn't the number one priority in life, for many guys.

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  • Hollywood bullsh*t leads us to believe that if a guy truly loves us then nothing can keep him away. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    He is trying to set up a business which is much more hard work than anyone could think. This could be a lifelong dream of his, he's not just going to stop because you've come into his life.

    A few questions for you?

    If a woman truly loves a guy will she stand by him while he tries to make it for himself?

    Will she wait for him to have time to spend with her?

    Or will she be selfish and expect him to give it all up for her?

  • I gotta agree with Crystal.

    If a guy wants you, he'll let nothing stop him and find a way to get both business and love-life into his life.

    Youre probably severely hurt and unhappy right now. I can't see any other way but letting him have his will and leaving. Cause you know what? You deserve to be with someone who appreciates you and loves you and WANTS you in his life. Not someone who kicks you out with the excuse of being busy.