I thought he liked me but now he has a "girl"?

OK so I got talking to an old middle school high school crush of mine. Seeing that he is one of the few guys I would call hot and nice, I decided to ask him out on a mini date... normally something that could be a date date or just two friends having fun, I texted him that Because when I went to go ask in person I just turned red and could not do it.

So anyways he did not talk to me for about 2 weeks and then started to talk to me again but his replies would take forever, like sometime 2 days before he would reply. So I was okay whatever he isn't into me.

So then I decided since I had a day off and nothing better to do to see if he wanted to chill, and I asked him when his next day off was. he replied within 5 minutes to tell me he had the next day off. so then I asked him if he wanted to chill and he said he had plans with his girl. so I said oh OK well maybe next time then.

and every time I text him or I go into his work ( he works at a local store I shop at a lot) he is always the one who gets me even when I tried to sneak in and out he still ended up checking me out and helping me find what I needed to find.

so then I was looking at my fb timeline and I noticed he is popping up in my friends box ( you know the 6 little pic and the 8 bigger ones) and he was also appearing in my chatbox too in the side, but he was offline.

So I posted some bs status on fb and watched his name and he checked his fb from his phone after I had posted up some silly status.

So now I am a bit confused about him. And the more I think about it the more I just think I am going crazy Because I am use ot guy saying no, rejecting me or wanting me ... but none have just never replied to me. and then acted like this. Well in a bit I need to go the store he works at and I would bet 5$ he will be the one who checks me out.


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  • Guys very very often don't reply at all.

    • i have never had one just act like I never sent it to him and then act this well odd. I m okay with hearing no, or I like you as a friend, and I had guy tell me they will think on it, and then say no. but not like this.

      Now my little crush is going away about him, slowly but what I'm wondering is if he has a girl or iif he just making it up, you now what I mean. And if he was saying that then why would he start replying more to my text instead of ignoring them...

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