If a girl doesn't ever text you, does that mean she's not interested?

I posted a longer question about 2 days ago, I can't post the link, but its the only other question I've asked on this profile.

But basically, everything seemed to be going great when I got this girls number. I made her laugh, she texted early every time, and we would text for about two days straight each time. But I think I made her mad (more in depth in the link), or she could be not interested in me. I made a few attempts to talk to her, but the last time I just asked her if she was OK (explained in link). I haven't actually tried to have a normal spontaneous conversation since the last good conversation. So should I try to text her again, or just let it go?

It also might help if I say that while she's been "mad", I said over twitter I lost all of my contacts in my phone (because I deleted her # out of anger) and I asked if people could text me theirs. She gave me the number so that's pretty much the only hope I have.


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  • Give her time to get over her anger. If she's genuinely interested in you you will not be the only person initiating contact. If you continue to contact her frequently you will come off has needy, which will drive her further away.

    Let some time past and see if she contacts you. You will truly know then if she cares or not.

    • Well it's been a while, so I think she would have gotten over it. We haven't been talking long, but our conversations were long. So I texted her first once, then she texted me first once, then I texted her the next two times. Out of those two times I think the first time I made her mad, and the 2nd time I got no where because I was just asking her if she was OK about something she was tweeting about.

    • Well this all seems okay. She apparently doesn't have much of an interest in you from what I am getting. Give it several days-week and then message her again. This time try to have a conversation with her (so you don't fade away in the background). Try inviting her out sometime so you can build on your relationship with her.

    • thanks, and here's the link, but you'll have to add www and html onto it: girlsaskguys.com/Behavior-Questions/709536-is-she-into-me-or-what-can-do.

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  • If she wanted to talk to you then she would respond. Girls who are interested in somebody will be sure to respond. I would leave her alone and see if she makes the effort to reach out to you. She may be busy, she may have gotten mad for whatever reason you're talking about, she may just need a few days to cool off if she is. Good luck!

    • She responds to all of my messages, but lately she's just been kind of short with me.

    • Oh okay, I misunderstood then..are you asking her open ended questions or is it just yes or no type responses? Try to actually have an 'interesting,' conversation, ask her questions that she should be able to elaborate on, if she is still being short with you then I would give her space and let it go.

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  • Let her go. I have found when women act this way, ignoring them a bit works best.

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