After this fight do we seem insalvageable? Should I message him? What do I say and when?

I had a fight with the guy I'm dating yesterday and I am freaking out today since I haven't heard from him and I want to text but I don't want to make the first move. Basically our fight was about how I feel like things are different and how I hate feeling like I annoy him all the time even though he says I don't. We just don't talk like we used to. He was like I'm freaked out that you're making such a huge deal about this. Then I was like forget it just forget the whole convo and he just ignored me and I haven't talked to him since and it's killing me. I want to apologize but I don't know what to say because I was just saying what I felt. Should I give it another day? We are officially and exclusively talking so I feel like if it was over he would say he is done right? I'm so hurt and confused I wish I would have never said anything because I don't want to lose him


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  • why not text him later...pretend as if it never happened..

    you don't want to seem like this is all youve been thinking about...that will push him away even more...

    my suggestion, pretned as if it didn't happen - see where it goes...if this kind of thing happens again then you take a different approach at fixing it or ending it...

    stop stressing and thinking about it - being all antsy and guns blazing about it won't help the cause.

  • Give it time. But you've probably got to chill too.


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