He doesn't know if we can be together in case I hurt him again?

2 1/2 year relationship.

Last week we had a misunderstanding and now he decided he doesn't know if we can be together in case I hurt him again :S I never did anything to him. Never question him look after him never cheated in any way. He questions me all the time accuses me of being with other men despite the fact he flirts with women on face book thinking I don't see it. When he told me he didn't know if he could be with me I just left I thought " f*** this I'm better than that." and now that iv done so he is chasing after me telling me how much he loves me etc etc. What the hell is going on


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  • He sounds insecure, and now that he's lost you is desperate to be with you.

    Up to you, if you feel he deserves a second try, give it to him, but I'd let him know to cut all that jealousy issues off.

    • yeah he is definently insecure

      but after 2 and a half years yeah we have our ups and downs

      what gets me is how minor the miscommunication was and how he reacted.

      what do you think made him insecure

    • Some people are just naturally like that, but it really comes down to feeling that other guys may get your attention or are better than him somehow, a common worry.

    • ahh I see thank you

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