What is it like for a white guy to date a black girl?

I'm black and have been around whites since I was young. I find white males highly attractive. If you are a white man that has dated a black girl, or a black girl that has dated a white male, how was it/is it? What difficulties did/do you find?


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  • I never have, but wouldn't be opposed. I almost slept with a black chick once. But we were both drunk and she passed out while I was out getting condoms so it didn't happen. I'd assume things would be pretty close except for skin color. Culture may be different. I pretty much can't stand R&B


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  • I have friends in your situation. There is not dif. If you like someone who cares about the color? There is only one race and that is the Human Race. I think people make an issue out of it. If you like someone don't waste time thinking about if their is difficulties, be with him and enjoy him.