Should I keep fighting for her?

Ok, so I fell for this girl right! every time we get together it's great but right after she pushes me away because she is scared because we work together and she worries about the outcome and what others will think. Not to mention, she says she was hurt by the last guy bad. When we are intimate she says she wishes she could give me all of her and then pushes me away as well. I find the ones that I have to work for more challenging and I want them more. I think I love her. Should I tell her? Should I give her time? Every time we break it off she is right back flirting and teasing me. I don't want to come off as desperate but the more she pushes me away the harder I try. What to do? I don't want to give up.


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  • I say you give her some time to figure things out,..because you don't wanna be the rebound guy I'm sure. She looks like she just wants to mess around and have a good playful time for the time being. She's not ready yet from her previous break-up and she's also not ready to get intimate,...yeah she's one of those teases that like being chased but once obtained they lose interest in you and start looking for the next best guy...dont' pursue her as her intentions don't sound serious and humble enough to form a serious relationship :\

    • Great advice! She sent me a work related email this morning which I responded to and then she asked how I was. I waited a while and responded good, how are you? She responds with nonsense stuff and smiley faces. I don't respond. Later in the day she finds a reason to text me, of course work related but nothing that imprudent that she even needs to do it. She seems to be reaching for reasons to engage in talk or text. I'm in ignore mode unless I have to answer.

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    • Thank you! You are right! All I'm setting myself up for is hurt. :)

    • :( unfortunately, Fortunately there's other goldfish in the sea :P

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  • listen, here's the reality; she's playing you.

    here's another reality; if a woman really has feelings for a man, she won't back off. sure, there are ALWAYS exceptions to everything but this last guy/work is just an excuse in this case.

    if I would be you and would forget about her, because she's just not "there." I would find someone else who's really interested in me in also relatively sane.

    now if you really wanna pursue her have a try, then I recommend you to back off a bit. wait for her. don't initiate contacts/conversations/etc. as much as you do now. and if she becomes more aggressive/pushy/interested then you maybe have a chance.

    but again, I wouldn't waste my time.

  • That's way too many obstacles. Just be friends, take things slow and easy. She's right to be worried aobut the problems in a work situation. Think about what happens if you break up, for example..and think of the work gossip mill, not to mention what the bosses think of workplace romances..some places are really against them.

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