How can I get more guys to like me/notice me?

I'm 16 and gonna be a sophomore and I kinda hate that I don't get much attention from guys like my friends do. All summer I have worked on makeup with tutorials on YouTube and my style of clothing has changed. People see me as a nice person or that tall girl:(. I don't want that. I want wow she's pretty or she's cute. I mean my girls(as in friends) tell me that or random girls say I should model but I don't feel like it counts because they are my friends. How can I go into school with kind of a bang I guess. I mean I'm 16 and never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy.:'( it makes me feel ugly or worthless a bit.


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  • Be yourself. Be open to talk to more guys. Get active with hobbies/club/interests.

    And you're incredibly young to be saying what you've never done before, don't even worry about it.

    • Like I play bball and vball and I do have some guy friends I guess but I'm not the type of girl apparently guys my age are attracted too.:'(

    • You'll be just fine, guys in high school don't have good taste lol

    • Haha lol well I hope.:( I can't help feeling like the odd one out from my friends at times tho.

  • Stop trying to force it.

    • I don't wanna feel like a loner when my friends talk about guys they like or relationships or guys the have kissed.:( I can't even say if I like a guy because I feel I'm to ugly

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    • Well I don't know how old you are so that varies in my eyes. Plus she's princely drop dead gorgeous anyway

    • I meant probably

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