When does a guy ask a girl to be his girlfriend?

I've been dating/seeing this guy for a couple weeks now. Everything is going great between us. The thing is, I don't know if he considers us boyfriend/girlfriend yet. I'm not obsessed with the title of girlfriend, I don't mind waiting, but was just curious for when he might ask me. Does he already consider us boyfriend girlfriend or is he just waiting for the right time? People keep asking me if he's my boyfriend and I'm like no, we are just dating. But they think we are dating. Guys, when do you usually ask a girl to be your girlfriend?


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  • I never do. I always wait that she brings it up.

  • Guys usually don't, the girls bring it up.

    • why do they wait til girls bring it up?

    • Because girls are the ones who decide when they want to be serious, if a guy does it, he comes off as clingy/desperate. This isn't for all cases though.

    • Okay thankyou. This helps. I was wondering why he wasn't asking but now I have a good idea why.

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