"Sounds like a plan." What does that mean? Broke up and stay friends situation?

We had mutual braking up... with confused ending. On our last day, we still argued about who gave up first and why. But at the end, I told him I will get back to him in the future.

During last two weeks, we still talk but all about work.

This morning, I feel calm. I missed him. Just miss him, I didn't feel any pain or suffering. I called him to say "I miss you". Just want him to know that I still love and care. And he shouldn't be hurt by knowing that someone feel good to him. No other purpose. I said that and he sounded like pissed off and said "huh.. sound like a plan". I asked him what that mean? He said nothing and just said goodbye and hang up.

Did he think I'm playing game? or what?


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  • you see when we(guys) put friends zone ,we just don't want to hear I love you. We still think you haven't got the point.Like all guys ,after breakup we always keep any eye on you. As much as you love him,go quiet for two months. This isn't a game. His reaction of saying bye is most amazing reaction we get. It always means we have control. don't want to write a lot.

    • Well... if that make him happy. I won't reflect anything from now. I was just worried if I did thing wrong and hurt him.

      ",after breakup we always keep any eye on you" ... explains a lot why he told me he will take care of me like he did before. He will let me work with him like normal. And if I meet someone, he will help me find out if they are good or not. You guys really like to have things in control.

      I'll follow your suggestion :) Thank you to make things clearer for me :).

    • The sad thing is that no matter how many times we tell ourselves we won't think or call them we do. Guys we love control much more than sex. But control doesn't mean happiness. don't be hard on yourself,take one step at a time but try to remove him. The more success the ex becomes ,the more we get jealous. Only thing that makes us jealous.

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  • There is no "break up and stay friends" siutation that I am aware of. It's impossible. I'll give you three reasons why: your t*ts and your ass.

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Go read it, and then you will understand.

    • I understand... We are different. Relationship is hard... :(

  • He's still hurting from the break up.

    • Really? He was the one who said "I still love you but I feel different"... and he seemed so happy and released when I told him "we can be friend if you like"... I cried a lot in front of him. I suppose to be the one who is hurt... right?

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  • I don't stay friends with exes, Just my thing . I most certainly don't keep in contact with them.

    • At first I want to do that... but I still need to work for him. I lost my boyfriend... so I don't want to lose my job too. But we don't need to see each other. He can just email or call me. I told him I preferred email. However, he still calls me. I don't feel any pain right now. I know that I'm not ready for a relationship yet. So I just focus on myself and let time tell.

      Thank you for your suggestion! :)