Will a guy change for his girlfriend to make her happy?

These are some changes I can notice so far from my boyfriend (the first mentioned were what he liked to do before we met, the second mentioned is what he does nowadays).

1. hung out with his buddies almost every day in a week VS hangs out only some times (2 or 3 times a week)

2. went for a drink (beer, alcohol drinks) quite often VS soft drinks are his choice

3. gambled VS he just started it again a few days ago

4. commented on girls' status VS he still does that but not that intense

5. gave "like" on girls' sexy pictures VS he still does for some pictures

6. Added girls as friends on social networking site VS added guys and girls

7. joked on vulgar things with his buddies on social networking site VS he doesn't say stuffs like that in public

8. liked to call me quite often VS it has been a month since his last call (he hasn't called me again since we fought)

What are you opinions? My question is "Is he still worth waiting"?

I asked that question because the fact that he gambles; leaves comments or "like" on girls' site; adds new friends who are girls STRESSED ME out. Help with suggestions or advices. Thanks.


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  • Why are you being so insecure? If the guy likes you, he will not cheat on you... I mean come on... don't you like male's pics too? don't you think some are hot and sexy?

    If you guys fought and he hasn't call, then you should call or pay him a visit! Take initiative! take action... check out what's going on! solve your issues personally or you'll die wondering "what if"

    If this guy has proven faithful while you dated, then its worth continuing the relationship...