How do you know if a guy is playing you?

This guy asked me to Skype with him , and he seemed so interested.

He said " let me know what time , and I'll make time" so I told him 10pm tonight. And he blew me off. And around 7:30pm today he asked told me his Skype name, even though he should of asked. On his Skype it says ' do not disturb' and I see that he already accepted my invite, so what's up? It's been a freaking hour.


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  • Did you message him at 10?

    • Ya , but since his thing is on ' do not disturb' he can't get any of my messages,

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    • Is he? A Christian? I'm more curious if this guy is one to keep his appointments. Like, did his world collapse around him, or is he an intent guy and not an action guy?

    • Nope not a Christian , ya I think his world did collapse

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  • he should have asked? it doesn't really matter, I mean he's on your contacts anyway. Maybe something more important came up, anything could have happened.