Guys - when do you become comfortable taking a pic with a girl?

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks (not exclusive), and I really want to take a picture with him. Partly because my friends want to see what he looks like, and he does not use Facebook :P

i don't want it to be awkward though..I don't know how to bring it up with him. It would be weird if we were just eating sushi and all of a sudden I ask "hey let's take a pic together?" lol

I'm not planning to post it online or anything, just want a picture with him :)

So when would you feel comfortable letting a girl take a pic with you?


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  • I would be comfortable any time. Whenever my date and I went on a double date or just hung out with mutual friends, it was much easier and simpler. We just had our friend take pictures of us. We took their pictures for them as well.

    If you're together at a special event or place such as a concert, performance, festival, museum, garden, beautiful park, tourist attraction, etc., it's also much easier to take a picture with your significant other, since it's typical and natural to do so at such venues/events.

    I was in a similar situation as you. I wanted to take a picture with this girl who I was seeing for a couple of weeks. During a date, I smiled at her and said "hey, I love pictures, let's get our picture taken." She didn't mind, in fact she was very happy. I just asked a stranger next by to take our picture.

    During another date, I told her "I'm really enjoying our time together, I really want to remember this, let's take our picture for keepsake." She was very happy to do so.

    Hope this helps.


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  • im not big on pictures but if she wanted to take it I wouldn't really care when as long as we aren't taking a picture every 2 seconds


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  • I'm so awkward when it comes to that I rarely have pics with bfs because I'm scared to ask and when I do take them I feel like I only have one chance to get a good shot so I better make this one count. I envy couple who get other people to take candid shots or just in general instead of always taking them their self. Know this isn't helping your problem but had to share

  • IM IN THE SAME BOAT! :( I know this didn't help about the question. So I took a picture of me and his dog, and sent it to him. and he said he liked the picture : )

    • LOL! that's a step in the right direction.

      my guy doesn't have a dog, so I can't even use the same tactic ;)

      sighh don't know how to go about this

    • ORRR, maybe try to take a picture with you in his room, and he realize it was in his room, and he'll mention it. and be like yeah next time you'll have to be in the picture with me. :)

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