Guys: do you randomly tell girls what you did all day?

my friend and I have gotten close and he's always talking to me about his family and stuff like that and he went on a thing tonight tell me what he did all day. like all the tasks: he got up really early and did this and that...

i think he has a crush on me, so I'm just guessing that he was trying to impress me with everything he did? he definitely flirted with me all day =D touching and tapping the paper that straws come in on my nose... he's too cute =D

i think he likes me, what about you :)


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  • he sounds like the chatty type to me


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  • no we dont. if he does, he's either your gay friend or a guy that's trying too hard to get your attention.

    • 1. he's not gay 2. he doesn't have to try hard to get my attention at all.

    • then he likes u. AND he's weird.

  • sounds like he could have a crush on you


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