I saw him sort of smile at me. What do you think..?

I was at a concert thing today and I was with my best friend. We were having a blast until the end when everyone gathered outside to wait for our rides to come pick us up. Me and my bestie just were talking and joking around waiting for her dad to come pick us up and this guy I used to like when I first move here was there too, but he always used to make fun of me because some of his friends didn't particularly "favor" me... and I wasn't that pretty either, and now about 2 years later after I kind of grew up and matured a little he was here at the concert he was giving me some pretty weird eye contact. I was kind of freaked out by it I will admit, but I didn't mind so I just continued to talk and laugh with my best friend. then all of a sudden one of his friends approaches me and asks me if I knew him. (the one that was staring at me.) And I said that I knew of him at one time. And then of course there was the awkward eye contact while walking down the hall way during school... and then his friend told me that he liked me... I actually was feeling kind of offended by this.. I don't know why, but I was. So all I said was, "that's awkward." and then me and my best friend walked away laughing after I looked at (the old crush) and I saw him sort of smile at me... was that rude, I don't think so.. considering... and does he like me, or was it just another cruel joke about the fact that I used to "like him". They all seemed very serious about it.. and his face was very read and they were all sort of smiling-ish... well you know... And when school starts back I don't know what to do, say sorry for being a bitch to you.. start staring awkwardly back... smile at him... I am just confused about this whole thing... so back to the real question... what do you think?


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  • I think you did what you felt was best. Sometiems when a guy makes fun of you it can also mean he likes you. Maybe the guy likes you all along and now he just finally had the nerve to tell you. What he did was wrong. He shouldn't had made fun of you and hurt you. And it was awkward for his friend to tell you that he liked you. I can't blame you for feeling uncomfortable. It's like having a curve ball thrown at you. I guess when school starts back just do you and od what you feel is right. If you want to stare back at him then do it. If you want to apologize then do it.I also think the timing of when the friend approached you was weird to.


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