How can I fix this problem?

There was this guy I liked for a long time, and he liked me too I could tell

However he often got very jealous of this other guy who liked me to which I had no interest in what so ever! I made a really stupid mistake though.

I planned on going to the movies on a Saturday with a bunch of friends, but when I got to the cinema it turned out that the only friend waiting there was the guy who liked me who I didn’t like back! It was a set up to get me and him together!

I definitely didn’t like him, but thought why not see the movie as the rest of my friends might show up later. f***, I didn’t even think that this guy I didn’t like would make it out to be a big deal. I went to the movie with him anyway thinking we are going just as friends and that my friends might show up during the movie

f***, STUPID MISTAKE! Of course they wouldn’t come because their plan was to get me and him together. I should have known not to go with just him to the movies especially when he likes me. He also more or less told me indirectly it was a date. I didn’t have enough money to pay for my ticket into the movie because it was so dear and so he paid for the ticket and I told him I would pay him back. It was so awkward in the movies. He kept staring at me and I was so uncomfortable.

I told him though that day that I only wanted to be friends. He said he knows but it seemed he couldn’t take no for an answer Because he kept pursuing me in school. Maybe I was too soft on him.

Anyways, the guy I liked who liked me back (James) found out about this and started to cry in class when he saw me.

Why would he cry? Like seriously. I just stared at him wondering why on earth he would be crying for. I wanted to go over and hug him. He was just staring at me and crying! :S

I told him before that I didn’t have any interest in that other guy who liked me…

But maybe he thought I was cheating on him? I don’t know. James and I weren’t even going out at the time this happened so I really don’t know why he would cry and we never went out.

It’s silly really. We did have unsolved conflicts though.

I never told him what happened that day at the cinema; I just told him I didn’t like the other guy who liked me so maybe he heard something from someone else?

Why do you think he would cry in class from me?

We always had so much fun together. :(

This happened a while ago but I really want to get back in touch with him and hopefully patch things up.


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  • ... how old are you really? The situation makes me doubt you're at least 16.

    • Does it really matter? I need advice on the problem, not judgement of what age I am :/

    • But yeah you're right, I'm 18. I joined this site when I was 16 though, still appears as under 18 for some reason :S

    • Lol okay. No, I was doubting that you were older than 16. I just couldn't picture someone at least 16 years old looking at a girl and crying in class just from being jealous. The oldest person I can picture doing that would be like 13 or 14 maybe.

      And for that reason, I have some doubts that you were the reason he was crying. Are you sure it wasn't that he has some more personal issues (whatever they may be)?

  • The guys' a pansy.


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