Every time I find a way to make it work something unexpectedly comes up?

Ummmmmm... OK we've been friends for about 5 going into 6 years... It seemed like he was showing interest in me our senior year a few days before winter break... Anyway it has been a little over a year the last time we say each other. We have kept in contact and text every now and then... We text each other on holidays or his birthday or mine... He has kind of indirectly asked me out I think?... I don't know maybe... I'm so new to this whole does he like me what should I do ordeal.So please just bare with me... Anyway he went away to college and I stayed in our hometown, he's here for the summer and on my birthday he asked me to go to the movies with him. My birthday is in May and he asked to go with him on July 9th why specifically this day or what's so special about this idk. All he said was that it would be special because we would be together watching a movie together I said yes sure sounded fun... I have been postponing this for some time now... here's the problem I work everyday except Mondays and on my days off I babysit my nephew while his mother is at work. And every time I find a way to make it work something unexpectedly comes up and I can't make it and cancel on him...he texted me a few weeks ago and he asked me and all I could say was that I was really sorry and wished I had a definite date to go with him...he didn't reply...and I felt terrible...and since that is my only day off I have a million and one things to do...now my question is what should i do? If you were in his or my situation what would you do or think? How would you react? And to top it all off I don't know if he likes me more than just a friend... Ughhh

*If you have any questions or need more info don't hesitate to ask*

Thank you in advance. Really any advice would help.


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  • THAT IS THE MYSTERY OF LIFE. You can't know if likes you or not until he declares. that is why boys operate. we don't have the signal bell in our head that tell us she wants to know if am interested. no one wants to do it first or else it will be weird.so we go around in circles form kisses to hugs to other small things. These are stages of how we show if we care. This may sound stupid but if you really care about him just play the tipping game. That is where you direct someone to confirm if they are,but you asked how I would react. I would feel bad and think maybe I don't have a shot at this girl. and you know us men we are always searching. I don't know why we do that. but don't rush or else you will show you are too desperate.

    • What exactly is the tipping game? And I don't want that to happen for him to feel he has no shot with me. That's why I tried to explain and when I did it seemed like he didn't want to hear me or didn't believe me. Which is understandable because I know sometimes girls make up excuses not to go on a date with a guy. Oh and thankyou for your advice.

    • You asked about the tipping game ie push and pull game. The push and pull is where you pull then push and you do this continuously. You show you like by doing something awesome ie pull then push by showing disinterest. If you do this continuosly ,you will succeed. The point of all this isn't him to like you but to have thoughts about you. The more he thinks due to push and pull the more you win him over.

    • I undertand the concept but I just don't know how to continue it. I mean its not like I was doing this whole yes and no thing (push/pull)on purpose it just happened that way. And if I continue to do this his thoughts will be about me but not in a positive way. It would be like I'm just playing with him. Wouldn't he think that?

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  • Life gets in the way, happens to everybody. Don't feel bad. Just keep trying.

    • Thank you and I will. But I only have 3 more tries before he leaves for college again.

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