Why would a guy do this ?

Him: what are we?

me: I don't know what do you think you are to me ?

him: (cant breathe properly coughs.. ) I'm your boyfriend.

what he does is only meets up to have sex. hah? ...

why would a guy say he is my boyfriend if he is only something like a f***buddy or what ever its called...


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  • Maybe he says he is your boyfriend because mayeb he is starting to develop strong feelings for you even though yo uand him just have sex. This happens a lot in freinds with benefits relationships. One person and sometimes both start to develop strong feelings and they get attached. I feel if he wants to be your boyfriend then he needs to do more for you. Do you want him to be your boyfriend?


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  • what have you and him done together ? it doesn't make sense if he thinks he is your boyfriend for no reason. did he make an official confession that you and him are taken ? or is he just your FWB ?

  • I don't think he would have said what you think he is to you.

  • Typical girl talk, he asks you a question, you didn't answer him, you asked him the same question, he answers, you get pissed at him.

    Girls are such wimps sometimes, grow up.

    • no. guys do that alot. its not girl talk. its just coward talk.

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    • blah blah blah blah blah, typical men that thinks they even know what girls talk about, do you gys still thinks we have tickle fights and naked pillow fights at sleepovers?

    • women I go with love tickle fight with me, I don't know and don't care about what they do when amongst themselves. And instead of commenting, be useful and help your friend by answering her question instead of putting lame comments...

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  • @why would a guy say he is my boyfriend if he is only something like a f***buddy or what ever its called...

    why didn't you ask him exactly that?

    he told you he thinks you think he's your boyfriend. you should ask him, why he thinks, you think he's your boyfriend, you only have sex.

    also why did you ask him what he thinks you think he is ?

    why don't you just ask him what he wants, & tell him what you want.

    what good does it do anyone, for the two of u, to know what he's guessing you think he thinks you think of him thinking f thinking of him. Seriously retarded, a far as problem solving goes.