Why does this girl seem to care too much about me?

I have always been the kind of person who gets things done on his own and feels "funny" about asking people for help since I want things done a certain way. I'm good at my job and good at school because I put great effort into it and have accomplished goals so far.

There have been times when things don't go my way and I get really down and since I have always relied on me (and my family) I have never asked for help.

There is this classmate whom I've known for a while. We get along most of the time but MANY times I've been a jerk to her (ignoring her and snapping at her). I recently noticed that she KNOWS when something is bothering me (im a quiet person, most people can't tell) and she is always talking to me, giving me advice and makng me feel better. Nobody outside my family cares this much, at least to where they'll put up with me being difficult and talk to me anyway.

Why is she doing this? I'm not complaining, it feels good to have somebody who cares but I don't deserve it because I have been a jerk and I'm starting to think she is the most wonderful woman in the world, but I don't want to venture without being sure if she does it because she cares about me or just feels sorry. What do you think?


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  • whether she is developing feeling for you or not, please don't use her. don't take benefit from her kindness. be nice to her. she may think that she had made mistakes so you disliked her and she feels guilty. she keeps being nice to you although you were harsh to her because she has faith in you. that sounds intuitive. but her intuition about you is true. you can't use logic to describe that.

    i can't be sure if its love or not but at least you and she now have good relationship. just be nice to her. she's the one who cares about you when you are down, then her feeling for you is not fake. many people you know may not care when you are down. but she does.

    • Im not using her. I was a jerk to her in the past and even after that, recently she has been there for me all the time, and I feel bad/guilty because she has been great and I was being stupid..